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I'm Violetta I believe in magic. I like flowers and vintage postcards and I love thinking about my future. I adore travelling, music and people that make me happy. I like stories that have no ending. I sometimes pretend that my life is a movie. I like tea and coffee, and I collect little things that mean something to me. I love dusty photographs and listening to people tell me about their lives. I adore the city life and finishing other people's sentences. I am an aspiring dancer. I love animals, starry nights and the sound of laughter. I want to see the northern lights at least once in my lifetime. I am 18 years old, I come from New York City, and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.
this might be a bit of an odd question, but i just want to ask what your opinion is of your admirers, or as they call themselves, komyrades? :) asked by Anonymous

I consider them all friends haha. I have not done anything to deserve fans or admirers. Maybe one day when I do something good for the world and society, then will continue to support me and be friends but for now I just consider them online friends.

Posted 1 day ago

Details from Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2015.
Paris Fashion Week.

Alex TaranghiPhotographer: Cully Wright

taken by a fan Miley brought on stage